Welcome and thank you for visiting Appaloosa Business Services, where "all things technical" has been our focus since we started back in 1991. Appaloosa is a two-person firm that is anything but small. We provide website design and web hosting, computer support and training, marketing and search engine optimization, business consulting, as well as custom programming and software development. Our clientele is primarily small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals in need of affordable, high-quality technology services.

Handcrafted Website Design

Our creativity in crafting inspired custom websites that draw attention and generate quality traffic to your business will always be just that - custom. No cookie-cutter templates or bland design. Every site we design is tailor made for your business and reflective of your unique identity and personality.

We are highly focused on providing highly responsive and accommodating services for our clients. We often complete website updates within 24-48 hours. Imagine it, no more tiresome wait for a response to your email or a return of your phone call from your website provider or hosting company. One company with two reliable and responsive men you can reach when it's time to take action or you need assistance.

Click 'n Go Billing™

The next generation in timekeeping and billing system software has arrived, created with the purpose to make your business recordkeeping simpler and efficient. Imagine having a responsive, adaptable and customizable system at your fingertips which is web based, allowing you to access it from anywhere at anytime. Software that is user friendly, intuitive and exhibiting common sense in its format.

The next generation in timekeeping and billing system software has arrived, created with the purpose to make your business record-keeping simpler and efficient. Imagine having a responsive, adaptable and customizable system at your fingertips which is web-based, allowing you to access it from anywhere at anytime. Software that is user-friendly, intuitive and exhibiting common sense in its format.

Click 'n Go Billing™ is the natural evolution of our prior billing and timekeeping systems, Small Change™, Click 'n Go Billing™ - Legal Edition, and Click 'n Go Billing™ - Veterinarian Edition. Over the years, we have added many new features and other improvements that our customers requested, while steadily improving the overall functionality and usability of the software. We now introduce the unified online version of Click 'n Go Billing™, with applicability to even more types of businesses. Click 'n Go Billing™ easily adapts to the needs of your business while providing powerful tools to help increase productivity and profitability.

Rather than being teathered to antiquated systems, you can now use the new web-based version of Click 'n Go Billing™ anywhere you have Internet access.

When you choose Click 'n Go Billing™, you are getting decades of experience ready to support you and your business needs. At Appaloosa, we believe that our customers come first, and that developing long-term relationships with our clients is the best way to do business. With Click 'n Go Billing™, you get the performance that your business demands and deserves, backed by years of expertise, personal attention, and support.

Exceptional Customer Service

We genuinely care about your business and customer service experiences. Our reputation and track record determine whether or not we succeed as a business. Since our founding in 1991, we have built our business almost exclusively upon referrals from our clients. We are proud of our reputation, and will work hard to earn and retain your business in all that we do for you.

Whether you are looking to establish a first-time web presence, perform a makeover of your existing website, develop honest search engine optimization (without the smoke and mirrors or empty promises), we will immediately show by our actions what a valued business relationship means and how even the smallest customer matters to us. You will never be lost in the crowd or sent to an overseas call center during your times of need.

Technical Expertise with a Human Touch

We have been in business since 1991, providing on-demand computer support, custom web page design, website hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), business consulting, marketing, IT planning, and staff training services.

Paul, our founder and technical lead, has 40 years of hands-on programming, software, and hardware experience. Despite his formidable technical knowledge, Paul's extensive work history and bachelor's degree in International Business (studies in three languages) with a minor in music provides the needed balance of real-world grounding and human skills to help bridge the gap between man and machine.

Frank, our design, marketing, and communications expert has an amazing eye for layout and detail. He has an extensive background working with the public from his years as a decorated law enforcement officer, as well as a Master's degree in clinical counseling. His ability to connect and effectively communicate with people is second to none.

We are involved with several community groups and service organizations, and volunteer a great deal of time to these noble causes.

Visionary and Practical

We are independent consultants, unbiased by reseller agreements or other marketing arrangements which could constitute a conflict of interest. Our advice and recommendations are based upon our experience, research, and expertise, not on the size of a potential commission for the sale of new hardware or software. As truly independent voices, we are free in thought to consider all reasonable solutions to a problem or a need, even if such solution is outside the traditional "box" which confine biased vendors. When appropriate, we will provide more than one possible solution to your problem, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each... at the level of detail and analysis that is appropriate for you, your business, the decision itself, and your budget.

Business Savvy

We are passionate about helping start-up and struggling businesses succeed in all that we do. We will listen closely to your concerns, cast an objective and discerning eye on your operational procedures and efficiency, help you to effectively focus on your unique competitive advantage, and identify key target markets and demographics for your particular business. The process with Appaloosa is far more than a cycle of sterile observation and the imposition of arbitrary directives. We will help you further develop your own business skills further by asking you insightful questions that you should be asking yourself in both day-to-day situations as well as during your long-term planning process. We work with you as a fully engaged partner in the process rather than as a passive observer.

Sometimes in business, there are unpleasant realities that must be faced. We have the courage and the personal integrity to tell you the truth as we see it, even when the news is unpleasant. More often than not, even in the darkest of situations, we can help you chart a course to more solid ground. The future of your business will be brighter with Appaloosa as a trusted partner.

Free Initial Consultation

Contact us to arrange for a free initial consultation. If you are located in the Portland, Salem, Albany, Corvallis or Eugene metropolitan areas, we can arrange to meet you in person, also at no charge.

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